Saturday, August 12, 2006

British 'Youth' Protest Government Policies

I think they are protesting the goverenment's policies.

Sixteen firefighters took almost two hours to put out the fire at the Al-Birr mosque in the town of Basingstoke, south-east England, which was reported to them about 3.30am (12.30am AEST) today. No-one was injured.It was the second suspected arson attack at a British mosque since 24 people, most of them of Pakistani origin, were arrested in pre-dawn raids on Thursday in connection with the alleged plot. ... [snap] ...

Youths attacked a mosque in Blacon, north-west England, on Thursday night, causing minor damage.

Why would 'youths' want to attack a mosque? Maybe this helps.
A mosque in Walthamstow, east London, is emerging as the hub where a number
of the terror suspects may have met each other and become friends, writes Abul

At least eight suspects worshipped at the Masjid-E-Umer mosque regularly, three of whom were well known to those that run it.

It looks that maybe British policy is putting civilians at risk, just not the way the Muslim Public Affairs Committee thinks. We have to remember that these arsonists are alienated and angry. Everywhere they look around the world they are being bombed. Some Brits feel that their way of life is under seige. A tiny minority are saying "Don't just sit down and take it -- let's fight them."

We have to understand the root causes of this violence. Clearly government policy is driven this frustration.


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