Saturday, August 12, 2006

Airline Policy and Investigations

The BNP has a suggestion for one thing that should be kept off of planes: Muslims.

The British National Party Executive's solution to this problem is to ban immediately, ALL MUSLIMS from flying out of (and in to) Britain until the
security situation has been fully resolved.

During recent international football competitions, a similar ban on English football hooligans was carried out, when many football fans had their passports confiscated and travel restricted.

If white working class men can be treated in this fashion it must be possible to apply a similar ban to Muslims.

It will never happen. But we'll see how this kind of thing plays in the next election. There are currently 'many dozens' of investigations in the UK.

Peter Clarke, the head of Scotland Yard's anti-terrorism branch, said police were engaged in 70 separate terrorism investigations, the most ever. "This is unprecedented and the flow of new cases shows no sign of abating," Clarke said. "If anything, it is accelerating." (emphasis added)

If the jihadists succeed with one or more "apocalyptic" attacks, then we will see an election, as the Labor goverenment will fall. Oh, and probably more mosque burning and the like.


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