Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Comedy Central Pussed Out!

I just watched the much anticipated second episode of South Park's "Cartoon Wars." Last week at the end of the first episode South Park promised/threatened to show a cartoon image of Muhammad.

Long story short, Comedy Central caved in, lost its balls and censored South Park. When Cartoon Muhammed was supposed to walk on "camera" the screen went black with white words to the effect that Comedy Central refused to allow an image of Muhammad to be broadcast on its network. I have seen nearly every episode and this is the first time to my knowledge that Comedy Central has censored South Park.

What a freaking disgrace! What a spineless crowd of pussies! Network executives with the fortitude of a leaky bag of wet shit! Dhimmitude Central is more appropriate. I am disgusted.

Comedy Central allows shows mocking every conceivable belief in humanity. Have you seen Drawn Together. It's slop but it's offensive slop. But Muhammad, precious, delicate, ever-so-fragile Muhammad can never be shown because it might hurt some tighthead's feelings. Since when did Comedy Central give a turd about people's feelings?

Maybe I'm wrong. Perhaps it's all part of the episode. Perhaps there was no censorship. Perhaps my ass. We've been screwed by a comedy network. I expect as much from the New York Times and NBC but Comedy Freaking Central!? How craven! Where is the limit? Is there no gutter our business elites will wallow in? No threat they won't cave to?

If anyone can find the name of the executive(s) who authorized this ugliness please post it or email me. The worm(s) needs a good ass-kicking. An actual, physical beating with fists and boots. It shouldn't be hard to pummel someone so cowardly.


Blogger Betsy Ross said...

this is whats known as...the arabization of the west...this is the first step...encroaching on free speech...

8:31 PM  

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