Friday, February 03, 2006

To Be Western or Muslim. That is the Question.

Mark Steyn from a radio transcript at Radio Blogger:
[T]here aren't a lot of good options when you have a very significant militant minority in your country that is determined, effectively, to demand that its own values be imposed on society at large. You only have to look at, for example, the difference...when a Broadway playwright writes a play about Jesus being gay, and having sex with Judas Iscariot, there are a couple of protests outside the theater, and people write letters. When you attempt to show a representation of
Mohammed, you get people threatening to kill you, you get national boycotts, you get people burning down buildings. And at some point, Muslims living in Western Europe have to decide whether or not they're prepared to be offended, because that's what it involves in a free society.
Not to put too fine a point on this, but a significant percentage European Muslims aren't prepared to be offended but they are prepared to kill. Today it's threats and boycotts but it's only a matter of time (perhaps only days) until someone is murdered over these cartoon.

The clock is ticking on Europe and its Muslim population. With each enraged mob threatening European cities, with each declaration of war in a European nation Europe comes closer to the deciding whether it will be Western or Muslim. Europeans are facing what I wrote about in one of my earliest posts, The Coming Age of Conversion or Expulsion.


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