Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Sleeping Giant Stirs

Nigerian Christians "protest" Muslim anti-cartoon riots.

Christians in this southern Nigerian city burned Muslim corpses and defaced wrecked mosques Thursday [...]

"We don't want these mosques here anymore. These people are causing all the problems all over the world because they don't fear God," said 34-year Ifeanyi Ese, standing amid the concrete rubble of an Onitsha mosque. With a crowd gathered, Ese angrily scrawled "Mohammed is a man, but Jesus is from above" on a shattered mosque wall with a burned stick. [...]

One entire Muslim district — an area of about 100 homes — was burned to the ground. Crumpled corrugated tin roofs lay on top of the remains of smoldering houses.


Blogger Wiccan said...

Interesting information. Thank you. Americans are already upset about the port deal going to the Arab Imarates. They are trying to stop the transfer.

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