Thursday, February 02, 2006

Selections from Threats

I’ve only received 4 or 5 threats and they’ve been mild as far as threats go. Nothing serious. I’m certainly not concerned. What pisses me off is the poor quality of the emails. Please people, put some effort into it. Here’re a few quotes:

This is a chunk from a very long and unbroken block of text. Most of it was unintelligible. Very stream of consciousness. It reminds me of a mutant hybrid of Allen Ginsberg-style Beat poetry and jihadism. Here’s the most readable part.

ALLAH have given to thos who made fun of HIM and HIS prophets...its ALLAH's word...and wait ...wait its coming when HE orders...n that day...u all will cry from pain…pLEASE KEEP ON LAUGHING...ITS THE BEST THING TO DO IN YOUR LIFE NOW..LAUGH...LAUGH...COZ U WILL BE MISSING IT SO SOON...LAUGH....TO BE DONE WITH IT...COZ ULL B LIVIN IN ANOTHR WORLD SO SOON

The next email was much more readable but way too hipster dumbass to make much sense. I got the feeling that English was this guy’s second language and perhaps he’s watched too many hip-hop videos.
what am sayin is am gonna be laughin when u burnin in hell
so i advice u take the website down and repeant

The last selection was the clearest and most literate. But he loses points for lack of originality.

What will you do if someone hurt your family by any means
possible??? You see, you Westerners (no offence implied here) do NOT understand that we, Muslims ultimately and strongly feel that Prophet Mohammad PBUH is more valuable and more precious to us than anything in our life. We can't tolerate hearing ANY defamatory remark, let alone these highly offensive cartoons, about him.

So, per my earlier promise I will be making a donation to an appropriate charity. I'll let you know which I choose.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Illiterate people like these have nothing better to do with their lives. I know the danish said that they would not need to abide by our rules of Islam because they are not muslims but it still does not give them the right to insult us this way. I say we just pray that God avenges us because this is indeed one of the rudest and unnecessary actions one can portray. Pathetic.

8:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are a bad man Thomas. Naughty boy.

12:49 PM  

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