Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Quotes from Europe

Screw Jack Straw and his spineless kowtowing. The New York Times grows some balls and publishes an article about the widening gulf between the West and Islam, complete with some telling quotes.
Flemming Rose, the culture editor of Jyllands-Posten ... "When Muslims say you are not showing respect, I would say: you are not asking for my respect, you are asking for my submission," he said.
Notice that word again, submission. You'll hear a lot more of that in the future.
"In America, few people fear that they will have to live according to the norms of Islam," an editorial in the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad read. "In European countries, with a large or growing Muslim minority, there is a real fear that behind the demand for respect hides another agenda: the threat that everyone must adjust to the rules of Islam."
Isn't that just exactly what the rioters and arsonist are saying? "Behead those who insult Islam." Where is the jurisdiction of Islamic law? Apparently the whole world.
"Islam is protected by an invisible blasphemy law," said Jasper Gerard, a columnist in The Sunday Times. "It is called fear."
Yes it is. Fear is effective up to a point. Then people turn on those who previously frightened them and it's never pretty. Average Europeans are stirring from their post-historic slumber.
"The radicals don't want an agreement, they don't want the round table," said Rainer Mion, a 44-year-old German insurance agent in Berlin. "What they want is to spread their Islamic beliefs all over the world."
Many of us have been warning about this for quite some time. Indeed one of the recurring themes of this blog is that the Islamists will go too far and awaken the violent xenophobic spirit of Europe. People think of Europe as appeasing and polite and eager to do anything to avoid conflict. They have adopted that attitude to compensate for a long history of terrible, unspeakable violence. Listen to this middle-aged Italian.
Giulio Cordese, a 50-year-old salesman in an Italian specialty deli in Berlin, added: "We have to make a point here. Personally, I would expel all Muslims in the concerned countries, because they simply don't accept democratic rules here."
Is this what the Islamists want? Because the more riots and threats and arson they spread the more they awake within average Europeans the spirit of their ancestors. Islam in Europe can either adapt to an open, competitive, modern society and all the offensive crap it produces. Or they can face the wrath of an aggrieved Europe.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

TTW: "Screw Jack Straw and his spineless kowtowing."

And right there you see one of the benefits of free speach. The ability to critizise the stupid people in your own government. Try doing that in a public place in Syria or Iran or Saudi Arabia!!

Oh! and yes, I heartly agree with the sentiment.

8:28 AM  

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