Sunday, February 26, 2006

Far-Right Watch

Two interesting items regarding far-right movements: 17 counter-demonstrators were arrested at Neo-Nazi march near Orlando. No Neo-Nazis were arrested.

A group of about 100 counterdemonstrators, many covering their faces with black masks, held anti-Nazi signs. [...]

[Those arrested] faced charges including disorderly conduct, battery on a law enforcement officer and wearing a mask, the police said.

Wearing a mask is a crime in Florida? When will the police start arresting women in the niqab? I'm sure any day now.

As for those counter-demonstrators with their 'anti-Nazi' signs - The Neo-Nazis
were confronted by more than 100 protesters, some holding signs including ones that read, "Stop the hate. Stop the violence" and "Love everyone."
I have a hard time reconciling those signs with fist-fights and battery. But that's just me. Someone send me an email when a woman is arrested for wearing a mask. I'm holding my breath.

Meanwhile, the British National Party takes a page from the hippies and produces a CD of folk songs. Kumbaya it ain't.
The 11-song CD, entitled Time To Make A Stand, is billed as "a collection of patriotic British folk songs performed by a group of popular patriotic musicians". But the lyrics, mainly written by Griffin, are awash with polemic. One song, The Menace, features lyrics about "a shower of foreign traitors who want to take our land".
Eat your heart out Peter, Paul and Mary. Ironies abound as Marxist folk singer Billy Bragg threatens legal action against the CD for, of all things, possible copyright violation of Woody Guthrie's "This Land Is Your Land." That's oh-so capitalist of you Billy, hiring lawyers and all. So much for the abolition of private property, eh. This song is considered in the public domain and is routinely re-written or used without permission. Remember this Jib Jab animation from a few years ago. That's only one example.

The theme here is that many members of the far-right (or even the far-far-far-right) are learning to play by the rules and obey the laws of a democratic society. They are learning from the left; learning organization and marketing. They are applying for marching permitts and making CDs. Yet it's people against them who are arrested for battery.

Does society fear the message of the far-right so much that it will resort to violence to stop that message? Are some people so sentitive to the far-right that folks songs threaten them? Folk songs?

Update: Here are some photos of the march. Notice the pitiful wannabe Nazi (who are really just white supremacists with matching khaki shirts). This is what drives people to violence? It's like a Mel Brooks bit left on the cutting room floor or a deleted scene from the Blues Brothers. These clowns deserve to be laughed at and mocked. Violence only validates what passes for their worldview. As sad as these Grade-K Nazis are the thugs throwing punches at them are even sadder.


Blogger Papa Ray said...

In Flordia some of the extreme right or left depending on who you talk to tried to cause trouble, it was not the ones that were there just to protest the nazi impersonators.

A friend of a friend said they starting pushing and punching and even shoved a cop. Well, you don't do that in any state.

Its a wonder that they didn't get beat down.

It's seems you have never really met any extreme nutcases in person. They are dangerous to a man or woman. They have no respect for anyone and love to impart hate and terror.

My friends friend said he didn't see any masks on the ones that were arrested.

I wouldn't be surprised if that was a msm (lie) error.

I'm talking about Americans here, not Muslims.

Papa Ray
West Texas

4:21 PM  
Blogger Charles Martel said...

always makes me laugh seeing neo-Nazis waving the American flag. Hitler loathed America with a passion - believing that the American capitalist system was degenerate and run by "gangsters".

2:38 PM  
Blogger Saleem Juma said...

y'all are fucking nazi bitches, and I'm a a texas hillbilly, yilly yill yilly!!!!

7:40 AM  

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