Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Devil and the Deep Green Sea

Straight from the Big Freaking Surprise Department:

The far-right British National Party (BNP) is to distribute a campaign leaflet
featuring the Danish cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad
which have enraged Muslims around the world.

A party spokesman said on Wednesday the images illustrate how Islam and Western values do not mix but were not intended to cause offence. The BNP leaflet asks "Which Do You Find Offensive? A cartoon of Mohammad with a bomb for a turban or Muslim demonstrators calling for terrorist attacks on Europe and the "extermination' of non-Muslims".

"By showing you just how mild and inoffensive the cartoon is, we're giving you the chance to see for yourself the huge gulf that exists between the democratic values that we share, and the mediaeval views that dominate Islam, even supposedly 'moderate' versions," the leaflet said.

The leaflet can be viewed at the BNP Website here. That this is so predictable makes it all the more depressing. If the British government allows enraged mobs to scream incitements to murder then the government cannot be surprised when rightists use official passitivity as a campaign issue. If the media rigorously surpresses the cartoons then of course the BNP is going to use them, if only for their shock value and the free press.

The British and other European governments and media cannot simultaneously appease Islamists and marginalize the "far-right." The very act of appeasing Islamists empowers the nationalists. Any compromise with the nationalists would infuriate the Islamists. And I'm sure the Europeans will soon find a way to anger them both.

Europe is trapped between what its elites view as the "far-right, nationalist" Devil and the Islamist deep green sea.


Blogger Wiccan said...

Doesn't surprise me the far right is doing this. Our own far right is already printing t-shirt of Muhammad with the turbin bomb.

4:05 PM  
Blogger Stogie said...

I don't have any problems with the BNP's flyer except for their demand to pull British troops out of Iraq. Other than that, they are right on the money.

So what's the problem?

9:38 PM  

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