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Consequences of the Muhammad Cartoon Scandal

The Great Muhammad Cartoon Scandal has been very educational. One thing it has taught me is that many, many Muslims around the world simply don't have any real understanding of Western culture or the Western mindset.

Many Muslims don't seem to understand that the angrier they get the more we want to continue creating and spreading cartoons. If they laughed at them or ignored them then the 12 original cartoons would have been restricted to Denmark where a few readers of one newspaper would have seen them. Now that protests and riots have spread around the globe the offending cartoons have been reprinted in most European countries and are on countless Internet sites, where they will be available forever.

The effect of their anger has been to spread the images they are angry about. Countless millions have seen what they didn't want anyone to see.

Another consequence of this scandal has been to prove the severest critics of Islam right. If Muslims cannot handle cartoons in a Danish newspaper how can they be expected to function in a open, modern democracy? If these 12 rather mild images can lead to such outrage, are we not in a clash of civilizations? A clash of peoples and worldviews? This is not about economics or politics. It about two irreconcilable views of human nature and society.

This scandal has driven another nail into the coffin of the myth of the "Moderate Muslim." For years we have been told that most Muslims do not support the fanatics, that the terrorists have "hijacked Islam." So where are these moderate Muslims? They are harder to find than Bigfoot. In fairness I had one Muslim commenter who did not like my cartoons but said he supported my right to post them. But that's one guy.

Meanwhile CAIR is trying to intimidate people who publish the 12 Danish cartoons. I have read countless stories in the global press about this scandal and have yet to read a quote from a prominent Muslim leader or organization supporting the right to publish cartoons mocking Muhammad. If you find any please leave a link in the comments. Can Muslims support free speech even if it criticizes or ridicules Islam, Muhammad and the Koran?

Finally, notice how the West interprets freedom of expression: the right to speak and draw. In Gaza and Kuwait and Denmark Muslims support the freedom to threaten people, to issue bomb threats, to assault people. Threats or cartoons? Which society would you rather live in?


Blogger speed_demon said...

This is so true. People have made countless cartoons (editorials) on catholic and christianity, but nobody ever protested. And, when it comes to a little bit of criticism over the islamic religion, every muslim in the world went crazy, accusing western invasion and pro-jihad.

What's with that? They should listen to people's criticism and strive and become better.

2:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"People have made countless cartoons (editorials) on catholic and christianity, but nobody ever protested. "

Well, being Muslim, I'm only going to defend only what I identify with. I'm not going to protest over every bit of unfairness around the world. As much as Jesus means to me, but I cannot get angry when his own people mock him in movies, cartoons, expressively, etc... I will only defend what I idiolize - Prophet Mohammed.

The west must understand the mindset of Muslims - Prophet Mohammed and God are everything holy to us. On the contrary to many (not all, but many) westerners, we do idiolize our religion's messenger and forbid ourselves and others from shaming their dignity, or mocking them (as in the Danish case).

I, as many other Muslims, am totally against any violence in reprisal to the cartoons published. Islam is a religion of peace (and please do not judge on mercenaries or the deviant few, but look deep into the teachings of Islam and you will understant what I mean).

To all others that say that this has been done under the clear clause of freedom of speech, I say:
So much for freedom of speech when under the same set of laws (as in the Danish law) denying the Holocaust is criminilized and mocking another religion's symbol is allowed, and also encouraged!!

Building cultural bridges does not happen this way. The perpetrators owe us a clear apology. Everyone could have continued hassle-free if that was/will-be done.

Thank you.

4:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


8:17 AM  
Blogger Tovya @ Zion Report said...

The only reason I reprinted the cartoons myself at my blog, it because I am sick of the fact that everytime someone offends the Muslims, they automatically want to burn things, blow up buildings, or murder people.

I have no respect for a people who hold life in such low esteem.

10:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"denying the Holocaust is criminilized and mocking another religion's symbol is allowed, and also encouraged!!"

Yeah, right, comparing deniability of the destruction of 6 mill. people vs. mockery of a religious symbol sounds very similar to comparing an embassy burning or a suicide bombing with cartoon publishing. Nice try to pass yourself off as a moderate, but you are nothing but a religios zealot. Why don't you start by displaying the same outrage towards all those Muslims who defy your idol and your religious laws by using hate and violence?

2:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said the West’s publication of the Prophet Muhammad cartoons was an Israeli conspiracy motivated by anger over the victory of the militant Hamas group in the Palestinian elections last month. “The West condemns any denial of the Jewish holocaust, but it permits the insult of Islamic sanctities,” Khamenei said.

Thomas, aren't you surprised that even Iran’s supreme leader reads your blog and posts comments ? ;-)

6:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These cartoons are much ado about nothing. Considering the homelessness, AIDS, disparity between rich and poor, rising inflation, and I can go on. You want to destroy over some cartoons?? Please prioritize, and call me in the morning.

Semper FI


5:00 PM  

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