Monday, January 16, 2006

Deadline for Iran: March 6

It looks like Iran has a deadline to meet.
If Iran did not comply by March 6, Mr El Baradei said he would formally declare that his investigation had reached a dead end.

"Diplomacy has to be backed by pressure and, in extreme cases, by force," he said. "We have rules. We have to do everything possible to uphold the rules through conviction. If not, then you impose them. Of course, this has to be the last resort, but sometimes you have to do it."

Who's taking my bet that Iran talks their way out of this? They'll submit some documents and issue a report and defuse the IAEA threats. Am I being to cynical?
IAEA officials later claimed that Mr El Baradei's comments about backing up
diplomacy with force did not refer specifically to Iran.

See you March 6.


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