Sunday, December 18, 2005

Sleeping with the Shi'ite Fishes

Friday, someone attempted to whack Iranian President and genocidist-in-training Ahmadinejad. One of his bodyguards was killed. A driver and a second bodyguard were wounded. The official explanation from the Iranian government is that the hit was organized by "bandits."

Eastern Iran has been the scene of frequent police clashes with drug-smugglers and bandits.
Many people throughout the blogosphere assumed that this was the work of Israelis or anti-regime forces. Let's calm down kids. The Iranian government is a theocratic veneer on a gangster state run by a Shi'ite clerical mafia. I've seen a lot of gangster movies. The good guys, whether Israelis or the US, do not go around trying to rub out the don. This was the work of other gangsters.

Some say this is the work of more responsible forces in the Iranian government, embarrassed by Ahmadinejad's lunatic ravings. Again, don't get too excited. Remember, Sollozzo, the thug who had Don Corleone shot, was less scrupulous than the Godfather. This failed hit could easily be the work of people far more sinister than Ahmadinejad; people who share his intentions but who are less prone to tell the world in such uncertain terms. As Don Corleone told Sonny, "Never tell anyone outside the family what you are thinking."

Don't get me wrong. Ahmadinejad is a dangerous man but he's Sonny Corleone. He's charismatic but wears his emotions on his sleeve. There could be far more menacing figures behind the scenes, waiting for the right time. Ahmadinejad could be very useful to these people as a martyr, as a beloved leader "executed by Zionists and Crusaders," giving them the popular support for their extremely ruthless plans.

Like any mafia family, the Shi'a gangster state has its internal factions, divisions and betrayals. We are, I think, still waiting for Michael to show himself.

Update: More on the attempted assassination at Regime Change Iran.


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