Monday, December 12, 2005

"People Are Fed Up"

National News Nine has posted a selection of letters regarding the Cronulla riots. Very interesting. A few quotes from female writers.

Yes there is a bigger cultural problem. I am sick to death as an anglo australian female of being stared at disgustlingly, stalked by cars walking down my own street, intimidated on trains at the shopping centre and now at the beach. Unfortunately those displaying this bullying behaviour happen to be young middle eastern men. - Tracey, New South Wales (NSW)

Incidents like the one at Cronulla have been simmering for a long time. The ugly scene at Cronulla is only the tip of the iceberg. This will get worse. People are fed up. - Jodi, NSW

I am 21 years old and I am not a rascist person. I went to an all girls school and hated the fact that I had to see 'Aussie suck, lebs rule' enscribed on our school desks. ... Aussies are defending the Aussie man's right to live freely how we used to before gang violence was brought in from overseas. I agree with the riots and why they are fighting because no one will do anything to protect Aussie's - all government seem to care about is protecting everyone else except their own! - Cheryl, NSW

Australians have had enough of the politically correct nonsence that is continually shoved down our throats. Australia is our country and if people do not like our WESTERN traditions they have no business here. Do not try to change us into something we are not. Are we angry about apologising for our Christianity? Yes we are. - Cathy, Queensland

This is a problem that has been simmering for years. As a Cronulla resident, I have experienced first-hand the intimidation and abuse inflicted by groups of young lebanese/middle eastern males on people such as myself for simply minding their own business in their own home suburb. The government should have stepped in to calm this issue a long time ago - we are sick of pandering to these gangs of thugs and yesterday was the outcome of years of frustration. - Claire, NSW

This kind of thing has been brewing for many years, I am 28 years old and as a 17-21 year old i always got "skippy" comments from ethnic males as I had blonde hair. - Shannon, NSW

As a former resident of The Shire for 21 years, I do not condone the brawling of the weekend, but I can understand why the locals are upset, and from the article it wasn't the locals causing the stabbings and attacks on vehicles. Up until a couple of years ago Cronulla was an extremely safe place to go. - Louise, ACT

Are these the voices of neo-Nazis? Or are these the voices of very frustrated people?


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