Sunday, December 11, 2005

"Fascism in America will lead to Death Camps for Minorities"

Looking at my Sitemeter this morning I saw that someone was directed here based on a Yahoo! search for the words "fascism in america will lead to death camps for minorities". That combination of words points to the October 2004 Archives. Just so you know, The Wraith is number 28 on the list. Number 1 is a deranged site called Number 2, big surprise, is the DemocraticUnderground.

Leaving aside the slim possibility that the searcher was goofing around, what the hell is going on? Can anyone outside of a mental hospital really believe such utter nonsense? Death camps for minorities? This isn't even possible in the most hyperactive Philip Dick-style flights of imagination. There's a better chance that Sauron will rematerialize and marry Shakira in Mecca on Easter Sunday. (All hail Shakira, Dark Queen!)

Note to all the paranoid teenager dystopian fantasists: don't drink so much cough syrup while watching the Matrix. Try to breathe more between bong hits.

And after college, when you tour Europe, don't spend all your time chasing girls and complaining about American culture. Take a train east. Instead of scaring your dorm buddies with comic-book tales of imaginary death camps, tour a real one. Visit Auschwitz-Birkenau. Learn what a death camp was like up close. Look at the pile of eyeglasses, the mound of artificial limbs. Stare at the Calvary scene scratched into a stone prison wall by a human fingernail. Wander back into the unthinkable vastness of the camp, sprawling to the horizon. Touch the barbed wire, the train rails. It's not the fever dream of grad students or a graphic novel or a video game. It really happened. Then come back and we'll talk.


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