Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Chessboxing: Future King of Sports

When I was in college back in the Dark Ages I invented a game called Drinking Chess. Every time you lost a piece or were placed in check, you had to take a drink. Our preferred drink was a double-shot of vodka cut with a little white wine or Gatorade. A brutal, nasty little game best played by 19 year-olds with too much free time. Since then I haven't played much chess except when I occasionally lose a game to my laptop.

These guys have created the ultimate chess combination sport - Chessboxing. (ht: Daniel Drezner)

The basic idea in chessboxing is to combine the no.1 thinking sport and the no.1 fighting sport into a hybrid that demands the most of its competitors – both mentally and physically.

In a chessboxing fight two opponents play alternating rounds of chess and boxing. The contest starts with a round of chess, followed by a boxing round, followed by another round of chess and so on. In every round of chess the FIDE rules for a ´Blitz game´ apply, in every boxing round the AIBA rules apply with the following extensions and modifications: In a contest there shall be 11 rounds, 6 rounds of chess, 5 rounds of boxing. A round of chess takes 4 minutes. Each competitor has 12 minutes on the chess timer. As soon as the time runs out the game is over.

Fantastic. What a sport! This should be in the Olympics. I have a heavy bag in my garage. I even took a few lessons last year. Sadly for me the competitors must be under 34. Maybe they'll start a senior division.

Think about other sports that would combine a strategic game with a combat sport. Greco-Roman wrestling and checkers - Grec-kers! Fencing and batgammon - Fencegammon! Kendo and dominoes - Kendominoes! The possibilities are endless.


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