Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Scandinavian Crime Epidemic

Norwegian blogger Fjordman is your window into happenings in Scandinavia. For example, here his post on the "Muslim Rape Epidemic in Sweden and Norway." Frightening reading.
The number of rape charges per capita in Malmö is 5 – 6 times that of Copenhagen, Denmark. Copenhagen is a larger city, but the percentage of immigrants is much lower. And it’s not just the rape statistics that reveal a scary increase in Malmö or Sweden. Virtually every kind of violent crime is on the rise. Robberies have increased with 50 % in Malmö only during the
fall of 2004. Threats against witnesses in Swedish court cases have quadrupled between 2000 and 2003.
He goes on to quote some startling statistics for Sweden: 50% unemployement in some Malmo neighborhoods, "68% of all rapes committed this year the perpetrator was from an ethnic minority," and "75 % of Swedes “dislike” Muslims, more than in any other European country surveyed." He provides some similar numbers from Norway, including that 2004 saw the highest number of rape charges ever recorded in Oslo. This goes against all the pleasant images that Scandinavia brings to the American mind. Fjordman ends with this dark quote:
So in the end, the safety of young Scandinavian women is sacrificed in order to keep the glossy image of a multicultural society intact. It is a chilling demonstration of an Eurabian continent that now appears to care more about not upsetting relations with its immigrant population than about protecting its own citizens.
Disturbing to say the least.

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