Thursday, February 10, 2005

I Am a Jew

Or at least I'll say so in a public service announcement, especially if it will get me close to Beyonce. Leonardo DiCaprio and Beyonce Knowles are among the pop stars involved in the "I Am a Jew" ads.
Several stars of the pop charts and the silver screen have agreed in principle to film public service announcements denouncing worldwide anti-Semitism and identifying with the Jewish people. MTV is donating studio time for filming the ads, which are to appear in Europe, the US and even Israel.
Russel Simmons is a driving force behind the campaign, which will feature gentile performers only. Simmons is especially interested in getting Latin, black and Asian artists involved.
"Anti-Semitism is growing so quickly around the world... I want to do everything I can to fight it," he said. "People forget how quickly the world can change. I mean, it was only yesterday that [Jewish] people were being put in ovens."
Amen brother. Now, back to Beyonce.

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