Sunday, January 09, 2005

Pictorial Representation of the Prophet

Last week in the Guardian (U.K.) Ian Jack wrote, "The state has no law forbidding a pictorial representation of the Prophet ... But I never expect to see such a picture. On the one hand, there is the individual's right to exhibit or publish one; on the other hand, the immeasurable insult and damage to life and property that the exercise of such a right would cause.

In this case, we understand that the price is too high - even though we, the faithless, don't understand the offence."

That's about as good a definition of dhimmitude as you are likely to find: non-Muslims forsaking their freedoms and conforming to Muslim 'law' for fear of giving offense.

Guess what Ian old chap? First, 'we' are not faithless. Rather we are of a different faith. Second, 'we' do not understand that the price is too high. On the contrary, some of us believe that coddling extremist Muslims and protecting them from the rough and tumble of an open, modern society harms them and us, non-Muslim majority.

It is in that spirit that I will provide some images of Muhammed. This is a protrait of the Big Mo, which I found here.


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