Friday, January 07, 2005

NPR Quotes Crime Advocate

NPR just broadcast a story about the comic book produced by the Mexican government giving advice on how best to illegally cross the U.S. border.

Obviously this is a travesty and an attempt to assist criminal activity. (Illegal immigration is crime by definition.) Our ambassador to Mexico should be throwing a shitfit in the Mexican president's office everyday until the book is retracted.

But that's a no brainer. What inspired this rant was when NPR quoted a women supporting the book. The Web audio is not up yet, but when it is it should be available from here. Until then I'll paraphrase her arguement. 'If people are determined to cross anyway then shouldn't we provide them with information that will keep them from getting hurt.'

Umm, ... No. Let's follow that logic. Some people are determined to commit crime. Instead of wasting our time preventing the crime or arresting and punishing the criminals, we should provide them with information about the risks of the crime so they can best avoid them and go about their criminal actions in as safe a manner as possible. Thought experiment - apply that logic to another criminal activity, say car theft. How about a comic book illustrating which neighborhoods have lower gun ownership rates and which alarm systems are easiest to disable. Or maybe cock-fighting. A comic book detailing which breeds are the most aggresive and which jurisdictions are most lenient. Or driving while drunk. Or dealing LSD to college kids. Those are boring. Let's try pimping. A lavishly illustrated comic about how to slap your bitches without leaving marks; which personality traits are signs of a more obedient whore; maps of bus station locations in major cities; charts about return on investment for blondes, Russians, dwarves. We could publish a companion comic from the prostitutes perspective.

You may say I am over-reacting. Or that pimping or dealing LSD is not at all like illegal immigration. How so? It's illegal isn't it? News flash: we have a word for illegal activities, 'crime'.

This is madness. Regardless of the risks of any particular criminal activity, neither we nor the brain-dead Mexican government should become accessories to the crime by publishing information about how to succeed in the crime itself.

Maybe I'll publish a comic about how to mine the border. Of course it's illegal. But handling anti-personnel mines is dangerous. I want people to go about their mining activities in a safe and effective manner. It's a humanitarian gesture on my part. Really.


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