Monday, January 10, 2005

New Car Blogging

Pictures of the new Honda Ridgeline truck are finally up at the Honda site. I've been waiting for these photos. The Wraith family are Honda people. I'm on my 3rd and the Wraith Wife is on her 2nd, an Element which we love and can't say enough good things about.

Ok, the Ridgeline is not a "real" truck for contractors or ranchers but it's perfect for computer geeks, bookworms, and introverted bloggers. It'll take 1500 lbs of cargo and tow 5000 lbs, which is a lot of Ikea furniture and stuff from the Container Store. It's even got a trunk hidden in the truck bed. How cool is that! I know JB wants one. I can practically hear her wanting it.

You think if I keep blogging about this truck Honda will buy me off? Kick some free goodies my way? Maybe a free truck? Hmm, anyone at Honda reading this? Rant Wraith can be bribed.

For the upscale reader who still needs a big box for her stuff, Acura has a new, smaller SUV-type thing just for you. has posted some fancy graphics about the RD-X concept. Enjoy. And start saving your pennies.


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