Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Homeland Security Nominee Chertoff

Wait for it... Wait for it... It's only a matter of time.

Bush just nominated Michael Chertoff to head the Dept. of Homeland Security. A judge, former Assistant Attorney General, and long-time Washington utility man, Chertoff also "argued the government's case against terror suspect Zacarias Moussaoui's request for access to other al Qaeda suspects in U.S. custody." That will set some groups against him from the start. Watch for CAIR to come out against him any day now.

But the real issue, which the Islamist front groups will have a field-day with, is that Chertoff is, gasp, a Jew. Not just any Jew. David Brooks just mentioned on NPR that Chertoff is the son of a rabbi. Oy. He's already on this list of Bush Administration Jews.

Chertoff is also mentioned in this fabulous example of Leftist anti-Semitism, which takes the form of a transcript from Camp David.

"BUSH: I'll see what I can do. These days the Jews are on our side. If we can count on their support one hundred percent of the time, they can't make trouble like they did for Nixon. We could have all ten million Arabs and Muslims interned and the Jews wouldn't say a word about it. ...

ASHCROFT: I'll have Michael Chertoff and Viet Dinh here next weekend. They've got some thoughts on that you might like to hear.

BUSH: Chertoff is a Jew, isn't he? Yes, they're all on our side now. Not like in Dad's time, when they talked about him not knowing what a cash register was. I think we should get Joe Lieberman here next week. What do you think, huh, Schlomo? Rabbi Lieberman will support the Federal Marriage Amendment

Priceless. Read the whole thing and note the links on the left sidebar.


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