Sunday, January 23, 2005

Dutch Muslims Honor Dead Thief

Several hundred Muslims held a silent march through Amsterdam to pay their respects to a man killed during a robbery. After he stole a Dutch woman's purse she reversed her car and crushed him against a tree. A court determined the death was accidental. He was also charged with "armed robbery at a Xenos store on Kalverstraat in the city centre last May."

In Holland "silent marches are usually reserved for victims of murder."

"A large amount of flowers and letters of support have been placed around the tree where El B. died. One of the letters said: "Verdonk, murderer", implying that Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk prompted the murder due to her tough stance on integration."
Others "claim the death was a racially-motivated murder."

Meanwhile a multicultural Forum "urged Moroccan immigrants in Amsterdam to stop portraying themselves as victims. Forum spokesman Halim el Madkouri said Moroccans are not victims and should stop blaming the rest of Dutch society for everything."

Here's the topper. The accident "occurred just 50m away from the spot where Theo van Gogh was killed last November."

Update: Dutch blogger Zacht Ei says, "In the Dutch legal system, a judge determines whether there are enough grounds for a suspect to be held whilst the district attorney tries to make his case. The fact that a judge decided this is not the case is a huge blow for the Dutch DA Office. In the view of many Dutch, the DA Office has of late been overly concerned with politically correct cases."

He also links to the rap sheet of the dead thief. I can't read Dutch but it lists about 90 various interactions with the authorities going back to June 1997.


Blogger Synova said...

Hey, you said you wanted comments :-)

It seems odd to claim that chasing someone with your car isn't trying to kill them. Maybe it was an accident but it could very easily not have been. Now, if a person trusts the Dutch courts then fine. If you don't trust the Dutch courts, a ruling that going after a thief with your car and killing him is an "accident" is going to go over like the lead brick it is. It's going to look a lot like a racially motivated murder. All people have to do is imagine what would happen if the purse snatcher was a blond boy and his victim ran him down with her car. You know... "enraged woman jumps two curbs, destroys a mail drop, and kills the man who stole her purse... the courts rule it an accident because she isn't a good driver in reverse."

I don't have a whole lot of sympathy for Islamic extremists, but for all the "our actions are creating more terrorists" rhetoric aimed at the US (the article about the man who used to like the US until soldiers showed his mother his girly mags is a good example) it seems like whenever I hear about something that European countries are doing to address the "problem" my reaction every time is to roll my eyes and mutter, "Oh, like *that's* going to help."

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