Monday, January 31, 2005


Some cool new developments around here. First thing you may notice is the new color of the title. There is an explanation. Also you may have noticed little links called 'tag' at the bottom of some posts. These link to Technorati blog search engine. Click on the 'iraq' link for example and you'll see the latest blog posts using the Iraq tag. It's a cool little feature but probably only for the most geeky out there.

The big changes involve a new commenting and trackback system, Haloscan. You can still leave comments but now they will appear in a pop-up window so they are easier to manage. Trackbacks allow other bloggers who link to a post to leave a link and an exerpt from their blog. It's a great way of following the conversation.

Also, there are some new links on the sidebar under The Usual Suspects.

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