Saturday, December 11, 2004

'An Attack is Inevitable? We're Outta Here.'

A round-up of the Slow Motion Disaster that is Europe.

First the good news. "Terror attacks on London on the scale of the Madrid bombings have been thwarted by Britain's security forces, Metropolitan Police chief Sir John Stevens has claimed."

Now the bad news. "We are still in a grave area of great threat." Sir John said: "The risk of an attack to London has not changed; an attack is still inevitable."

Meanwhile on the Continent, another attack was averted (thanks to LGF). "Justice authorities arrested a Moroccan man last month after receiving a tip-off that Islamic extremists were allegedly planning an attack on the Red Light District in Amsterdam."

I love this part. "Muslim extremists, the paper said, were allegedly furious at the lack of morals in the prostitution zone." Why the hell did these "goat-fuckers" (to use Van Gogh's terms) move to Holland if they are upset at the lack of morals. Stay home in the shit-hole of your birth. No one invited you. Most people like Holland because of the lack of morals.

Another attack was planned against the Dutch Parliment. For the lack of morals, I guess.

The real story from Holland (thanks to Jihad Watch) is that middle-class native Dutch are leaving, emigrating to Canada, New Zealand or Australia. "The new wave of educated migrants are quietly voting with their feet against a multicultural experiment long touted as a model for the world, but increasingly a warning of how good intentions can go wrong."

Holland had a net loss of population of 13,313 for the first half of 2004. The quotes from soon-to-be Dutch expatriots are invaluable.

Ellen Bles, "43, a lawyer and banker who votes for the free-market Liberals" said, "We've become so tolerant that everybody thinks they can fight their own wars here. Van Gogh is killed, and then people throw bombs at mosques and churches. It's escalating because the police and the state aren't doing anything about it. There's a feeling of injustice that if you do things right, if you work hard and pay your taxes, you're punished, and those who don't are rewarded. People can come and live here illegally and get payments. How is that possible?" This isn't an anarchist punk bitching at a university rally. These are dangerous phrases when they come from a middle-aged woman: "the police and the state aren't doing anything about it"; "a feeling of injustice"; "if you work hard and pay your taxes, you're punished." This is how a government is de-legitimized. I hope U.S. politicians are paying attention.

If the educated, tax-paying Dutch middle-class shinks due to emigration, who does that leave behind in Europe's most densely populated country? The less educated, the poor, and of course, the Muslim immigrants who already make up a very near-majority in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

The situation is bad in Europe (and I didn't even get to one of the 117 'honor-killings' of young British Muslim women - this one stabbed eleven times by her own father, or the unbelievable proposal in the UK to outlaw "religious hatred", thus putting comics and authors at risk of fines and imprisonment.) And it just gets worse. Discussions about allowing Turkey into the E.U. begin on December 16. The Euro-elites seemed determined to allow Turkey in despite majorities in many countries against the move. "We kicked the Turks out because they don't belong in Europe and now we'll let them back in. Why would we do this?"

Turkey would instantly become the largest and poorest nation in the Union, giving millions of Muslim Turks freedom of movement and residency across the Continent. (I hope they all move to Vienna to celebrate.)

The 'E' would cease to stand for 'European'. Perhaps Eurasian Union would be geographically accurate although at the rate things are going I think Eurabian Union is more appropriate.


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