Tuesday, November 30, 2004

"Telling the Fallujah Story to the World" - A Must See Slide Show

As you can tell blogging is light this week because they are making me work (which sucks ass). Also I'm a little down right now and lack the drive to spout off about just how fast the world is going to shit. (In case you don't know, pretty freaking fast. Sometimes I get dizzy trying to watch the blur.)

While I am getting my groove back here's a must see PowerPoint slide show from the Multi-National Force in Iraq titled "Telling the Fallujah Story to the World". The clever guys at Little Green Footballs have put it on the Web. Be warned - it is 59 slides so bring a snack and get comfortable.

Basically, don't believe the drivel from some quarters regarding our operations in Fallujah. This was one of the most complex and successful urban military efforts in history. A normal country would be astounded and pleased by our achievements there. For more on Fallujah than you are getting from the MSM, see the Belmont Club's posts, especially The River War, River War 2, The Triangle of Death, and Triangle of Death 2. (Sounds like a Hong Kong kung-fu straight-to-video series, 'Dodecahedron of Death 3', 'Trapezoid of Serious Back Pain 3 - the Herniated Disk'.)

Back later.


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