Monday, November 08, 2004

Muslim School Attacked in Holland

That didn't take long.

An explosion blew the door off a Muslim school in a southern Dutch town and shattered windows across the street on Monday, Dutch television reported. There were no reports of injuries.

Last week I warned that something like this would happen. If the Dutch populace does not believe that the government will move against Muslim extremists, then segments of the population will take matters into their own hands. Make no mistake, this is terrorism plain and simple. The government is now caught between two factions: Islamists and anti-Islamists. Parts of the native, ethnic Dutch population will sympathize with the anti-Islamists and a smaller but vocal part will sympathize with the Muslims. Look for about zero percent of the Muslims to cross over to defend Dutch culture.

Look for Muslim reprisals for this attack very soon. The clock is ticking on the current Dutch government. They have to control this situation or call for new elections to select someone who will.


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