Monday, November 08, 2004

Islamists in Dubia Threaten Dutch

Could this be the infamous Cycle of Violence? (or maybe Cycle of Violence 2: Going Dutch)

From Reuters:

A little-known Islamist group has threatened to carry out attacks in the Netherlands following a series of attacks on Muslim buildings there, according to an Internet statement posted on Tuesday.

Lovely. Let's be perfectly clear about what has happened so far regarding the 'wave of attacks' against Muslims in Holland. The bomb at the school exploded at 3am. Three mosques were subjected to arson attacks over the weekend "but the damage in all cases was very minor". Three people were arrested. There was a separate act of arson against a mosque that was still under construction. So far, to my knowledge, no Muslims have been injured.

There is no comparison to the murder of Theo van Gogh who was shot and stabbed and viciously defiled. "The killer sawed through the neck and spinal column, almost to the point of decapitating him."

These arson and bombing incidents so far have been warnings clearly not intended to harm people. The warning from the jihadists are quite different. "We will not stand with our hands tied and we will make the Dutch government and people pay dearly."


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