Saturday, November 06, 2004

"Democratic principles should not just be a litany of complaints."

Salon gathered a group of Leftist commentators for an article, "What Do We Do Now?" Amid the usual bitching, fantasizing, denial and conspiracy theories are a few good ideas from the usually irratating Camille Paglia.

"The Democratic Party bureaucracy and A-list consultants need to be disassembled like matchstick men. ... Fire DNC chief Terry McAuliffe, a shallow hack whose political expertise is at the Chamber of Commerce level. ... Democrats have got to go cold turkey on their tedious old rhetoric about the suffering masses in their World of Pain. The Democrats' condescending portraits of African-Americans and the poor are manipulative, patronizing and ultimately self-destructive."

"In the weeks leading up to this election, the Northeastern major media (network news and urban newspapers) were caught in blatant displays of liberal bias and overt conspiracy. This can't go on: It is unprofessional and unethical, and it alienates the heartland."

"Progressives must do some serious soul-searching. Too often they are guilty of arrogance, insularity and sanctimony. They claim to speak for the common man but make few forays beyond their own affluent, upper-middle-class circles. There needs to be less preaching and more direct observation of social reality."


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