Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Trillions. X% of Gagillions. Future Zillions

I'm afraid this Social Security q&a is too abstact for most people. Me included. These guys make it more complicated because they just can't be honest - people have to work longer, pay more and receive fewer benefits. Period. I know it's painful and ugly but it is what it is. But Joe Average doesn't want to hear that so these guys dance around the answer in this complex trillion-zillion-gagillion shit.


Blogger atrium42 said...

What the heck! Kerry is saying the middleclass taxes have gone up?? What planet does this freak live on? I'm middle class and my taxes have never been lower! Who is Kerry the billionaire anyway to represent the average American. He spends more on silverware every year than I spend on my house payments!

6:57 PM  
Blogger atrium42 said...

By the way, great blog! LOL

6:58 PM  

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