Thursday, October 07, 2004

Kerryism of the Day

In a NYT article about religion and politics Kerry told the reporter, "I'm going to talk somewhere, in an appropriate moment - I'm not sure when or where - you know, values and faith."

I don't want to address Kerry's, you know, values or faith. But I found this quote very telling. Kerry is a Processor. He believes in planning to talk. He has great faith the meetings, negotiations, and compromises required to setup conferences, summits, conventions, protocols, and accords. For Kerry the process of political and bureaucratic elites 'going to talk somewhere" is as important as the content of the talking and perhaps even more important that the outcome, if there is one.

This is appropriate in many circumstances. The WTO, the IMF, and all the other International Acronyms work in this manner, not to mention corporations and educational institutions. In the subset of humans who are educated, polite, law-abiding, well-mannered, reasonable, and civilized (in the Western sense) Processing is the way we relate to our peers, competetors, and even our families.

If health care and interest rates were my primary concern in this election I might be attracted to this characteristic. But my primary concern is the War Against Jihad, not the percent increase in average out-of-pocket health care cost for the average household earning less than $200,00 per year. The jihadists do not believe in Process except as a way of distracting the infidels, of lulling them into believing they are making progress. The jihadists have faith in mass violence. The jihadists value dead infidels.

Remember Sheikh Abdullah Azzam, "Jihad and the rifle alone: no negotiations, no conferences and no dialogues."


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