Thursday, October 07, 2004

El Baradei to Iran: "Stop Enriching Uranium or I'll Ask Again."

Iran, home of the Nuclear Mullahs, is currently enriching tons of yellowcake uranium. IAEA chielf El Baradei has asked them politely to stop.

"I am calling on them obviously to fully suspend all enrichment-related activities as a confidence-boosting measure," he added. "We are still working with them, the Europeans are working with them and I hope we can move forward in a positive way."

This is just the last in a series of El Baradei requests that Iran stop progressing toward a nuclear weapon. On September 19th the IAEA "demanded" that Iran freeze all work on uranium enrichment. That same day El Baradei "said that there is still no firm evidence that Iran is secretly developing atomic weapons."

What exactly are El Baradei and the 'international community' prepared to do if the mullahs refuse and give them the finger? One guess. How do you say "nothing" in Farsi? Iran's new and improved missiles can reach Europe. The Bomb is between 6 and 24 months away. What wil Europe do? Nothing in French and Nothing in German.

What will Israel do? Something. Perhaps something involving airstrikes and bunker-busters. Perhaps something involving commandoes and laser guided missiles. Then of course, like clockwork, like a skipping CD, the 'international community' goes apeshit and screams about unilaternal action by the Jews attacking a sovereign nation developing nuclear power for peaceful purposes. Anti-Israeli demonstrations across Europe, the same Europe that Iran would have been targeting with its nukes. That's how fucked up things are right now. Europeans will, in essence, protest in favor of living under the threat of nuclear annihilation, as long as the would-be annihilator is a Muslim nation hiding its nukes behind the bureacratic facade of 'peaceful purposes.'


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