Saturday, October 30, 2004

Democratic Underground Agrees with Bin Laden

I wish I was making this up. These are quotes from this Democratic Underground forum on OBL's speech.

Post 12 "Frankly, I find myself in agreement with most of what he says. I think it makes Bush and his family look evil themselves."

Post 22 "Why do we support Israel? Unconditional American support for that shitty little country is the single biggest reason for anti-American sentiment all around the world, especially in the middle east. I say we cut them loose."

Post 11 "I doubt very much that OBL hates the American people"

These quotes are from this forum titled 'Bin Laden: U.S. Can Avoid Another Attack'

Post 3 "Is this a Karl Rove stunt, a fake transcript of OBL that reads like a Kerry ad bashing Bush?"

Post 11, from a DUer with more than 1000 posts "Bin Laden's right. I've been saying this all along. If we knock it off, they won't bother us. ... I blame the politics of America for the downing of those buildings. We'll never have another terrorist attack again, if we just keep our nose out of these other countries."

Post 23, writing of OBL "The man is very intelligent, unfortunately many US citizens are not and do not see the whole picture. (Concerning the current Administration)"

Post 59, from a DUer with more than 1000 posts "All I can say about that is it makes me wonder if that tape really is authentic. If so, he's cribbing from our very own DUers, who have been saying for the past year, "Why doesn't he attack Sweden if he hates freedom so much?" Sheesh! He should at least get original material. That "fanatical Muslims" are perptrating these atrocities just because they hate our lifestyle is laughable in the extreme!'

I believe these statements speak for themselves. My comments are not required.


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