Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Debate 3: First Impression - Bush Wins

Bush got better as the debates went on and Kerry got worse. Bush had the energy. He was on the offensive, gesturing, smiling, telling jokes, slapping the podium for emphasis. Kerry was stiff. Bush had several memorable lines, "a plan is not a litany of complaints," and "Kennedy is the conservative from Massachusetts." All of Kerry's memorable lines were reruns.

Bush won on the human warmth side: the story of how he met his (first and only) wife, his answer on the gay marriage question. Bush won on the 'turn the sound off and just watch the visuals' test. Kerry didn't do badly but it was the same performance we've seen. He made the classic mistake of peaking too early.

Maybe I'll think differently tomorrow after I sleep on it, but that's the rant for now.


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