Sunday, October 17, 2004

Cell Phone Jammers Used Worldwide but Not in U.S.

The "Israeli-made cell phone jammers the size of paperbacks" have been installed in Mexican churches, the Indian parliment, Italian universities and in theaters and concert halls in Japan. It's about freakning time. And they're coming to the U.S. soon, right? Nope: "the private use of cell phone blockers is illegal in the United States".

Why? Is there a right to a cell phone signal? Please, that's a leaky bag of wet shit. I want these things installed here in America. Not only that, I want one myself. I'll put it in my backpack when I travel. I don't want to hear people arguing with their girlfriends or discussing their herpes or who got laid last night. To quote the great philosopher George Kostanza, "We're living in a society here!"


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