Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Bush Pummels Kerry in PA Speech

Various bloggers have alluded to this televised Bush speech in Pennsylvania earlier today. WaPo has a transcipt and it is serious spanking for Kerry.

Last week in our debate, he once again came down firmly on every side of the Iraq war. He stated that Saddam Hussein was a threat and that America had no business removing that threat.

Senator Kerry said our soldiers and Marines are not fighting for a mistake but also called the liberation of Iraq a colossal error. He said we need to do more to train Iraqis, but he also said we shouldn't be spending so much money over there.

He said he wants to hold a summit meeting so he can invite other countries to join what he calls the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time.

He said terrorists are pouring across the Iraqi border but also said that fighting those terrorists is a diversion from the war on terror.

Damn! W's speechwriters have been working overtime. He continues pounding Kerry on this theme.

These days he praises America's broad coalition in the Gulf War, but in 1991 he criticized those coalition members as, quote, shadow battlefield allies who barely carry a burden. Sounds familiar.

At that time he voted against the war. If that coalition didn't pass his global test clearly nothing will.

Ouch. Global test indeed. I'm surprised the Bush team hasn't brought up Kerry's Gulf War vote more often. If Kerry wouldn't support a war to reverse a clear violation of international law, a war to defend an ally from an unprovoked invasion, a war supported by the UN Security Council, then what kind of war would he support? If that's not a global test, what is?

I think the 'global test' line will go down with the 'I voted for it before I voted against it' line as two key moments in the campaign, perhaps they were simple slips, perhaps they were windows into Kerry's character. Either way, the Bush Team is proceeding to use Kerry's own words to beat the living shit out of him. Bush may be inarticulate but he doesn't tend to mistakenly provide his opponent with so much high-grade ammunition.


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