Thursday, September 09, 2004

Who Forged The Docs?

The blogosphere has pretty much reached a concensus that some or more likely all of the docs are forgeries. Especially now that the story has moved to the mainstream media via WaPo, AP, ABC, and Fox. Now the question is, who forged them?

Whizbang thinks it's either the Kerry campaign or the DNC. I'm not so sure. It could have been a few individuals with connections to one or both. But I don't buy the idea that it's a coordinated effort by either. These people aren't that organized or disciplined.

My image is more like two ambitious, low-level functionaries, hopped up on conspiratorial enthusiasm, hovered over a laptop in an apartment in suburban VA, slurping coffee and having a forge-fest.

Whoever did it better consider moving to Mongolia on the Friday afternoon flight. There is soooo much shit hitting so many fans that the wet dung blast will spread far and wide.


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