Thursday, September 09, 2004

WaPo Weighs In

The Washington Post, hardly a neocon stronghold, has an article on the forgeries. It's looking worse and worse for CBS.

The Post contacted several independent experts who said they appeared to have been generated by a word processor. An examination of the documents by The Post shows that they are formatted differently from other Texas Air National Guard documents whose authenticity is not questioned. ...

In addition, Flynn said, the CBS documents appear to use proportional spacing both across and down the page, a relatively recent innovation. ...

"It would be nearly impossible for all this technology to have existed at that time," said Flynn, who runs a document-authentication company in Phoenix.

This is developing fast. I think CBS has been had. They were so eager to get the story out that they failed the most basic journalistic standards. If true, this will be a milestone in the blogosphere and one more nail in the mainstream media coffin.


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