Sunday, September 12, 2004

WaPo Paints a Bleak Picture for Kerry

But as the number of truly competitive states has shrunk, Kerry is faced with the reality that he must pick off one of two big battlegrounds Bush won four years ago -- Florida or Ohio -- or capture virtually every other state still available. To do that, he must hold onto several states Al Gore won in 2000 that are now highly competitive.

Ouch. Kerry's entire strategy (such as it is) hinged on not losing any Gore states from 2000. A single loss win doom his campaign. Don't they know this? Why is Kerry running ads in Georgia? Dude, it's a lost cause in GA. Don't waste your money.

[T]he 10 most competitive states are, in order of electoral vote strength, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nevada, New Mexico, West Virginia and New Hampshire.

Iowa? Minnesota? Wisconsin? These states have voted Democratic in the last 4 elections, including the Dukakis debacle of 1988. Good Lord, Minnesota voted for Mondale. Minnesota hasn't voted Republican since 1972. Can Kerry manage to lose Minnesota? What a feat!


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