Monday, September 27, 2004

Today's Reading List - No Campaign News Included

Taking a break from the tedious campaign. Here are a few non-campaign pieces worth your precious time.

An article in NYT about a film by a brave ex-Muslim member of the Dutch parliment. She confronts the hidden abuse of Muslim women and receives death threats for it.

A WaPo opinion piece about the lessons of Jenin for US troops in Fallujah. The lesson from Israel's war on terror (detailed further in the New Republic) is that military force, properly applied, works, plain and simple. Islamist terro can be defeated. At a cost.

Also in the New Republic, a Moscow Dispatch on the possibility (or likelihood) that Russia will go fascist.

Here's something we don't hear enough about: Nigeria. Reuters says "Growing concerns over militancy in Nigeria" are partly behind today's record oil prices. Think Sudan is bad? If Nigeria collapses into a religious civil war, it'll make Sudan look like a traffic accident.

Have a great day!


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