Monday, September 13, 2004

Superscript vs Lower Case

Let’s settle this once and for all. The claim that some authentic 70s era TANG documents display superscripting is just plain wrong. This is the doc everyone, including CBS, use as evidence that superscripting was available. Unfortunately of them, this is NOT superscripting as the modern MS Word user understands it. This is merely the use of lower case letters, in the same font and typeface, raised half-way up the height of an upper case character. Notice the ‘th’ after 111 in line 5. The ‘t’ is the same as used in ‘Intcp’ later in the same line.

Compare to this. Notice the ‘th’ after ‘111’ is NOT just lower case letters. The ‘t’ in ‘th’ does NOT match the ‘t’ in ‘Report’. Today’s word processor superscripts are NOT just lower case letters. They are special characters applied by the logic of the software. The typewriter that created the authentic doc did not create the forgery.

It gets worse. Save the authentic doc and examine it up close. Look at how the characters do not quite line up in the authentic doc. The '1's in '111' are not quite even. However in the fake, every character is perfectly level and evenly lined up.

Sorry Salon. Try again.


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