Thursday, September 09, 2004

Slow Motion Crash at CBS

Let's recap. CBS has copies of documents they 'obtained' from unknown sources, who claim they are from the author's personal files. The author died years ago. CBS doesn't have or won't release the originals and insists that their sources must remain anonymous.

Numerous bloggers working overtime have raised serious questions about the authenticity of these documents. Many have called them flat-out forgeries.

Now Powerline, who is acting as forgery central in this story, links to this AP report:

Gary Killian said his father wasn't in the habit of bringing his work home with him, and that the documents didn't come from the family.

The personnel chief in Killian's unit at the time also said he believes the documents are fake.

"They looked to me like forgeries," Rufus Martin said. "I don't think Killian would do that, and I knew him for 17 years."

Aside from the typeface/font issues and the questions of the source there is the issue of terminology and military standards, which, let's just say, the docs don't meet. More at Powerline.

Meanwhile Allahpundit has been looking at W's address on the docs. It seems that W had moved from that address in 1970, two years prior to the documents' creation.

The forensic experts are piling on all over the place. Ace of Spades has a post on kerning.

Forgery or not, the pressure for CBS to release the originals or recant will build over the weekend as the blogosphere goes into overdrive. Keep watching.


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