Friday, September 17, 2004

Naomi Klein: Tinfoil Idiot

Naomi Klein co-wrote this bizarre article in the Guardian spinning conspiracy theories about the abduction of two Italian women working in Iraq. Here is one bit of 'evidence' that the abductors were not Islamist fanatics but "foreign intelligence agencies out to discredit the resistance."

"And then there were the weapons. The attackers were armed with AK-47s, shotguns, pistols with silencers and stun guns - hardly the mujahideen's standard-issue rusty Kalashnikovs."

WTF? I thought AK-47s are Kalashinovs? Technically, the AK-47 rifle is one of a series of submachine guns developed by Mikhail Timofeevitch Kalashnikov. In vernacular usage "Kalashnikov" refers to any of these. The AK-47 is only the most popular. (The AK-47 is the most wide-spread weapon in the world.)

Back to Naomi. After botching such basic facts to back up her wild speculations, she goes on to insinuate that the Italian aid workers were taken by the CIA. The CIA? If we have learned one thing since 9/11, it's that the CIA is yet another borderline incompetent bureaucracy more concerned with preserving itself as an institution (and as a budgertary entity) than anything else. I doubt the CIA could abduct two specific Italian aid workers in Baghdad even if it wanted to. Which it doesn't.

Put your tinfoil hat back on Naomi. The satellites are broadcasting into your teeth again.


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