Thursday, September 09, 2004

Forgery Investigation Update

CBS posted 4 documents regard W's National Guard service or lask thereof. Let's look at a few in detail.

Exhibit A - This doc from May 4 1973. Notice the superscript in sentence 2. "Report to 111th F.I.S."

Exhibit B - This doc from August 1, 1973. Notice the lack of superscript in sentence 2. "to commander, 147th Frt" UPDATE: This document is from 8/1/1973, not 1972. My bad.

Exhibit C - This doc from August 18, 1973. Again notice the superscript near the end. "from 187th in Alabama"

Riddle me this - why would a document created in May '72 display a feature not found in a document created in August 73, a feature which then mysteriously reappears 18 days later. Remember, they were both supposedly created by the same man? Apparently at the same place (two of these have letterhead with an address)? Did he use different typewriters, one with a very fancy (and probably expensive) superscript feature and one without? Did he bounce back and forth between them?

More to come.

Update: Though I made an error in the date of Exhibit B, I am still suspicious of some of these documents.


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