Thursday, September 09, 2004

CBS faces Death by a Thousand Blogs

The pencil necks over at CBS (once the gold standard of broadcast journalism) must be sweating bullets. Last night on 60 Minutes 2 they aired a report about W shirking his duties in the Texas Air National Guard. Key to the report were some document CBS "obtained" from the personal records of W's superior, Lt. Col. Killian, who died several years ago. I watched it and yawned and went to get a beer.

Well the blogosphere is twitching with accusations of forgery and the evidence is mounting.

Powerline has examined the details of a document supposedly typed in a Texas Air National Guard office in 1972: the proportional type, the font, the spacing, the size of the paper (the military used 8x10 1/2 not 8 1/2x11 like today), the apostrophes. Most damning is the use of a superscript in "187th" when superscripting was less-than widespread or even non-existent of typewriters at that time. The updates are continuing.

LGF took the opposite route and used brilliant simplicty. Charles retyped the content of the memo into MS Word and lo and behold, the text was exactly the same. Exactly, the line breaks, word spacing, font. He even superimposed the documents to demonstrate how identical they are. He didn't change any of the Word settings. You can try it yourself.

Allahpundit has links to other documents of the era (signed by W even) that demostrate fixed space type and non-superscripting. When retyped in Word that document does not reproduce identically.

This is a small sample. The documents may not have been forged but CBS needs to declare how they "obtained" them before this calms down. Ignoring this wil make it worse. These guys would love nothing more than to catch a big Mainstream Media outlet with a pile of forged documents and Dan Rather's head up his ass. The truth will set you free, CBS.

The blogosphere never sleeps.


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