Sunday, September 05, 2004

Advice to Kerry: Attack the Saudis

Look, Bush is only up because Kerry is a terrible campaigner. W is vulnerable on several fronts. One line of attack that I think everyone, left and right, could appreciate is the Saudi front. No one likes these assholes.

Every time Kerry mentions the Saudis he gets a big applause line. W, Cheney, and numerous other administration officials have histories of working with the Saudis that I don't think most voters know much about or would approve of.

The ads almost write themselves. Show W praising the Saudis as valuable partners in the War on Terror, then cut to an ominous voice reading exerpts from the 9/11 Commission report.

"Saudi Arabia has long been considered the primary source of al Qaeda funding..." (page 171)

"... so many (of the 9/11 terrorists) were Saudis because Saudis compised the largest portion of thepool of recruits in the al Qaeda training camps." (page 232)

"Recommendation: The problems in the U.S.-Saudi relationship must be confronted, openly." (page 374)

Why isn't Kerry doing this? Are the hacks on his staff just not that clever or is there some Democratic constituancy that holds them back?


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