Monday, August 09, 2004

Yahya Hendi Denies American Open Univerisity Connections

Mr. Hendi and I have exchanged several emails today. He was very polite and seems like a sincere man, as his comments below indicate. He claims that he never studied at American Open University. This is from his email.

"I never did any study with the American Open University. At one point however, I applied and was admitted then decided not to do the program for my own view of the program and the university. I never studied and never will."

Rant Wraith regrets any errors in my previous posts. It is not my intent to report false information about anyone. This was an honest mistake. Several reputable Websites, including Stanford and the Islamic site 2DiscoverIslam, report that Mr Hendi is a candidate at American Open and another Muslim chaplin at Georgetown (Zaheer Arastu) is studying at an institure accredited by American Open. (I suggested that Mr. Hendi contact those Website to correct the error).

I appreciate Mr. Hendi comments and corrections.


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