Monday, August 09, 2004

Yahya Hendi Comments

Wow! I'm impressed. Imam Yahya Hendi left a comment that I post below in it's entirety. His blog profile is "imam works for bridge building". Here's the link to his homepage.

He seems particularly concerned with his testimony in the Al-Arian case. Please note that I did not post anything about that case. I was concerned with the curriculum at American Open University, where Mr. Hendi is working on his PhD. (For more details please on Al-Arian, see the 9/11 Commission hearings.)

I will forego any further commentary and let the man speak for himself.

Greetings to all who come across this issue,
I pray with peace to all and for all of those who read this.

I know very well that, according to the
Bible, a book from which I learned alot, that only the truthy shall set us free. Also believe that those of true soul must dare to pick up the and ask if what they hear is true.

Not only have I spoken against Ben laden and
like wise, My life has been threatened becasue of my views in support of our militaryn Countrey and nation. I ahve spoken in support of Isreael's existance and survivals. I have lectured on TVs as well as in person as to why Arabs must not hang thier own problems on the USA or the jews. They must fix thier own home before they speak against other. Arabs and Muslims must find the courage to include, love and cater for the Jewish community's needs.

My friends!! I nevr testefied for Al-Arian or against. I was
called upon only as _ AN EXPERT WITNESS" ONLY ON ISLAM AND NOT AL-ARIAN as you are led to think.

I hope that you find it in your heart to look for the truth as only the truth shall set each one of us free.

Thanks,Imam Yahya Hendi


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