Sunday, August 01, 2004

Who Will Sit on the "Border Commission"?

Jihadists sneak across the Mexican border and attack a US city with a truck bomb. It doesn't have to be in New York. It could be Houston or New Orleans. A large hotel or an office tower. Say "only" a few hundred or a thousand dead.

Intelligence traces the bombers and the truck across the border. The investigation, the inevitable "Border Commission", reveals our "shocking" lapse in border security; how comically easy it is to drive across the border, to walk across the river; how many tons of unknown material and how many millions of people enter our country illegally every year. The media will be "stunned" by these "revelations." The public will be "appalled" by just how impotent the Border Patrol is. The final report will be thick and well-documented.

Who will we blame? Let's get this out in the open: Illegal Immigration IS Crime. Plain and simple. I blame both parties and every politician sitting in the Congress and the White House. The Republicans turn a blind eye to illegal immigration because it's a boon for certain industries: construction, agri-business, hotels. The Democrats ignore it because they think it strengthens their appeal to Hispanic voters, especially in the west and southwest. Everyone ignores it because illegals work for next to nothing and that keeps prices down. I will blame everyone.

No blood for oil? How about blood for produce? How about American corpses for cheap housing? How about death for discount meat?


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