Sunday, August 15, 2004

U.K. Muslims Prepare for "British 9/11"

Internet Haganah posts a story from the Timesonline U.K. (sorry to original requires a paid subscription) about British Muslim leaders meeting to prepare Muslims in the U.K. for a "backlash" after a 9/11-style attack in Great Britain.

"BRITAIN'S most senior Muslim clerics have secretly met to prepare their communities for the aftermath of a September 11-style terrorist attack in Britain. In an acknowledgment of the imminent danger of an Al-Qaeda atrocity, the 13 leading imams have held emergency mashwarahs (consultations) in London over the summer. They have warned Britain's 1.6m Muslims of a likely backlash in the event of an attack and told communities to be vigilant for terrorists in their midst."


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