Saturday, August 07, 2004

Speaking of Corrupt and Brutal Gerontocracies

Iran is to Islamism what the USSR was to Communism. And like the Soviets Iran is alternately horrifying and comic, a grissly collection of old gray men ruling a rotted out state. On the horrifying side, we are all familiar with their ongoing efforts to build a nuke and their support for global jihad, including Hizbullah.

Now for the comic side. The mullahs have arrested hundreds women for the crime of being insufficiently covered.

Iranian security forces launched raids in cities of central Semnan and northern Gilan provinces, arresting 183 women in recent weeks. ... Some 132 "badly covered" women were picked up in Semnan Province, the daily Sharq reported, adding that 69 of them face trial.

You may think this is silly but to the decrepit fanatics running the system these arrests are "to fight open spectacles of corruption". These women could be jailed for up to two months. The security forces are cracking down all over.

Police have been seen taking scores of teenaged girls from commercial centres, while both police and Islamic militiamen have also reportedly stepped up raids on private parties where they suspect the presence of alcohol or mixed-sex dancing.

Mixed-sex dancing? Would they prefer single-sex dancing? How about some gay lap-dancing or Persian language phone sex?


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